We are searching to find something, some connection to the world that is not trivial. We are looking for each other. We are looking for ourselves. We look so hard that we see faces in the clouds. We see ourselves in the shadows and scare ourselves in the night. We try to assuage our fears with superstitions, taboos, and customs. We see ourselves in our trials and triumphs and we try to capture our inner truths in mythology, astrology, and religion. In the end, we write our own story.

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2 Responses to Why?

  1. Marie Zarankevich says:

    Understanding is only gleaned at the wild, unpredictable interfaces of interacting elements within a system. Fractal forms tell the story. All the action is at the outermost edges of activity. The intersect of two fronts of activity would be where new data can be generated and gathered. Future activity would generally have to be adjacent to the two intersecting directions. It is a geometric relationship, not a linear one. The human mind is fractal in nature, therefore so are their governments. Perhaps politicians can be viewed as individual iterations of a fractal form, by nature extremely similar, with only the slightest variations. This renders the political system of government practically useless, and has us begging for an entirely NEW way operate.

  2. Martha Taranto says:

    We need a new seed equation for a new fractal pattern. It’s easy. We need a gift economy. We are all in this together, writing our common story. Some try to lull us to sleep and take over the ship but they can’t if we don’t let them. Really, they can’t. We are waking up in droves and we really can build the world we wish for.

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