We are searching to find something, some connection to the world that is not trivial. We are looking for each other. We are looking for ourselves. We look so hard that we see faces in the clouds. We see ourselves in the shadows and scare ourselves in the night. We try to assuage our fears with superstitions, taboos, and customs. We see ourselves in our trials and triumphs and we try to capture our inner truths in mythology, astrology, and religion. In the end, we write our own story.

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Life as Art

My life is my art. The actions I take are my paint and the ripples that emanate are my design. If I choose a conscious pattern, what beauty can I manifest?

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The chaos is here

These are intense times of change.  There is great potential for positve change.  Don’t be afraid to take action.

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We begin

Observe, eyes wide open

Change nothing, see what you see

Ripples emanate

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Hello world!

The actions we take

Create the life that we live

Choose them consciously

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